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This August is the anniversary of the first ever national rail strike in 1911 which led, on the streets of Llanelli, to pitched battles between townspeople and the army.


Two men were shot dead and many other people injured by troops of the Worcester regiment, leading to widespread rioting, attacks on the railway company and the looting of the shop of the magistrate who many believed had called in the soldiers.


A soldier refused to fire on the crowd and deserted, sparking government fears of a wider mutiny. More people died when a torched truck of detonators exploded. For some days Llanelli was under military occupation


  • Our annual marking of the events takes place this year between Wed 14-Sat 17th August.
  • On Wed 14th there will be a FREE evening of music and poetry on the Uprising 7.30 till late at the Queen Victoria Club, Queen Victoria Rd Llanelli SA15 2TL.
  • On Thurs 15th at 5.00 pm there will be a round table forum: ‘From the Great Unrest of 1911 to the Global Rebellions of 2013’. Speakers will include Jonathan Edwards MP, Rob Griffiths and John Edwards, authors of books on the events, and others. This will be at Llanelli Rural Council Offices, Vauxhall, Llanelli SA15 3BD Tickets FREE but limited (ring Tim on 0796 2804 452 to reserve a seat)


  • The highlight of the week will be our annual march on Sat 17 Aug from Llanelli railway station (assemble 11.30 am) to a rally in the town centre and a wreath-laying ceremony at Box Cemetery at the graves of the two who were killed. The theme of the march will be ‘Resistance’ and there will be representatives from various campaign groups – Anti-Cuts, Anti-Bedroom Tax, Anti-Fracking etc, plus speakers from Labour, Plaid and trade unions.


Dramatic though these events were, very few people have heard of them. We in the Llanelli 1911 Strike Committee are dedicated to consciousness-raising about the Llanelli Strike and Uprising. We have produced books for use with school and college students, have visited schools and colleges and given talks to historical societies and other groups. We have written articles on the subject – one ‘The Great Unrest and A Welsh Town’ can be read here-

For more details, contact Tim on > or 0796 2804 452



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