Llanelli 1911 Railway Strike Centenary March 20/08/11- photos D. Kittay

Posted by on August 24, 2011

5 Responses to Llanelli 1911 Railway Strike Centenary March 20/08/11- photos D. Kittay

  1. Adam Phillips

    On Behalf of the Cambria Marching Band may i say how honoured we were to have been invited to lead the parade at this event and it was also great to see so many people out to join in the parade and to watch it go by!
    It was well received and important points raised in the speeches in the town centre before marching off to the Box Cemetery to remember the dead.
    On return to the town we received a great welcome and we wish to thank the organisers, the council and the people of Llanelli for your hospitality.
    We look forward to playing for you again!

  2. Russell Morris

    Fantastic event and a very good turn out . I filmed the event on behalf of our group Balchder Cymru . which you can see here

    • ruthprice

      If you send me the link, Russell, I should be able to put it on the website. There’s some kind of doohickey that stops links appearing in the comments section, I think.

  3. ruthprice

    Diolch yn fawr, Adam, am ddod i Lanelli gyda’r Cambria Band – roedd y band yn codi ysbrydion pawb!

    Thanks so much for coming and thanks to all the band members –

    Hwyl fawr

    Ruth & Roger and all of the 1911 Committee

  4. Russell Morris

    well you could but link didnt show

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