NEW MUSICAL DRAMA tells the dramatic story of the 1911 strike & uprising!

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Commemorating 100 Years


Remembrance of a Riot

A Musical Drama

Inspired by John Edwards

Lyrics & Music by                                              Dramaturge

Keira Spencer and Luke Spencer             Christopher J Rees



A Community Theatre Production produced by

Llanelli Stage Company, with members from Llanelli Musical Players and Llanelli Youth Theatre, in a concert version of a new musical drama, retell the story of the Llanelli Railway Strike Riots of 1911.



Hall Street Methodist Church


Saturday August 20th 2011


One Response to NEW MUSICAL DRAMA tells the dramatic story of the 1911 strike & uprising!

  1. ruthprice

    Various songs were composed to commemorate the 1911 Llanelli Railway Strike, but I think you are referring to the proposed theatrical production? You can contact Christopher Rees, who along with Luke & Keira Spencer, was responsible for that production through Llanelli Youth Theatre – see

    We can also put you in touch with some other artists who composed songs to commemorate the strike if you are interested. Good luck with your production.

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